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JIANG SU  LIANHONG AUTOMATION CO.,LTD is a high-tech company engaged in professional automation control area, it was founded in ‘2000 and registered in the Gulou Science Park in Nanjing city. Since its inception, according to the potential marketing demands of transportation and energy automation, NLA-1000 integrated automation system had researched and developed by company engineers independently. And this system has passed the evaluation of science achievement by the Ministry of Information Industry P.R. China in early 2004.
The major products based on NLA-1000 integrated automation system include : Multifunction Power Control Module (NLA-PM100),Intelligent Gateway Interface System Integration (NLA-GW100), Single-lamp control module (NLA-LM100) and routers, repeaters, etc.. Multifunction power monitoring module, Gateway Interface and integrated intelligent system monitoring module those have passed the model test by the Ministry of Electric Power P.R. China. NLA-1000 integrated automation systems and related products can be widely used in energy automation systems (include: distribution automation systems, automated system for drainage, gas supply automation systems, lighting automation system),Traffic Automation System (include: large bridge, long tunnel, highway, airport, etc.), industrial automation systems, other distributed control network and integrated electronic system.
LIANHONG company have a large management team, Our chief employees are come from the large plants that subject to the Ministry of Information Industry. Most people have been struggling in the IT industry for several years, and some of them take charge of a number of key state projects. We have come to being rigorous work style and strict product quality in the long-term research&production course, and we accumulated a wealth experience in project management, technical product development, quality control, marketing, personnel training and other areas etc. Company was certificated by the ISO 9001 quality system in December 2002. and obtained the certificate of C class construction intelligent design by the construction Ministry P.R. China in early 2003, and company won an award from the Business Bureau of Nanjing city as "Honoring contracts, Honoring enterprise". we are private enterprise of science and technology in Jiangsu Province.
Company always carry idea of "people-oriented, customer service, quality comes first, cooperative spirit, independent innovation" , pay attention to cultivating all staffs to "both morals and ability, jobs ahead, and a sense of responsibility," "providing development opportunity for everyone," driving force of our development is "Let's go, accomplish something grand case together", let's go to strive to become the leading automation company in China even in all world .
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